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United States Founding Executive Secretary General Frank-Michael Hensel [NWP] Founding Executive Ombudsman Taras Shevchenko [International Mission for the Peace] Founding Executive Haji Ajmal Shamali [Independent] Founding Executive Arvind Kumar Sharma [NWP] Founding Executive Vice President James Ogle [Republican] Founding Executive Khadim Hussain Dahot [Independent] Founding Executive Heli Tattari [Universal] Founding Executive Kwan Tera [One] Founding Executive Dr. Maj General Lord Buck Rogers [Conservative] Founding Executive Abdelkader Boubekeur [Independent] IB Rewards Bank Contact Us Video Agenda Bylaws Sign In IB Ballot Box Ethics & Grievances Officer Ernest Wells [Communist] Secretary James Ogle [Republican] President Jen Kiran [Taoist] Treasuer Anthony Jamison [Info. Not Avail.] Vice President Dr Brig General Lord Buck Rogers [Conservative] Worker BoD Lakhbir Singh Sokhi [Human Rights] Worker BoD Vikas Mittra [Independent] Worker BoD Geane Bezerra de Menezes [Financial] Worker BoD BoD Anamika Singh [Social Work] Worker BoD Edlira Zeka [Democratic] Worker BoD Mohammad Shariar Nafees [Not Connected to Politics] Worker BoD Francis Afram [Info. Not Avail.] Worker BoD Luzindana Adam Buyinza [Coordinator-US Free Parliamentary] Worker BoD Jim Doyle [Republican] Worker BoD Norm Mickey [Peace and Freedom] Investor BoD #10 Investor BoD #9 Investor BoD #8 Investor BoD #7 Investor BoD #6 Investor BoD #5 Investor BoD #4 Investor BoD #3 Investor BoD Colia Clark [Green] Investor BoD Liz Haemmel [Peace & Freedom] President Jen Kiran [Taoist]
"Democratic decisions by ranked choice voting."

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